1x Neve 1073 LB
2x Cranesong Flamingo
2x API A2D
2x Buzz MA2
1x Buzz Elixir
1x Burl B1
2x Capi VP26
16x Phoenix Audio Nicerizer MK 2


1x Coles / STC 4038
1x Neumann TLM 170
1x Neumann KM84
1x Neumann TLM49
1x Microtech Gefell UM 72
2x AMI F44
1x Neumann U47 (clone)
1x AKG D12
1x AKG C12 (clone)
1x Shure Beta 52
4x Shure SM57
2x Shure Beta 57a


2x Focusrite Red 3
2x Buzz Audio Elixir
2x SSL 4000 Buss Compressor
2x Elysia nvelope
2x 1176 Rev D Clone
2x Buzz Soc 1.1 Opto
2x 500 Series Colour Palette


4x Buzz Audio Tonic
2x Solid State Pultec PEQ
2x Drawmer 1961 Tube EQ
2x API 560


Eventide Space
Eventide Pitchfactor
Eventide Timefactor
Eventide Modfactor
Ibanez AD202 Analog Delay
Ibanez AD 190 Analog Delay
Watkins Copicat Delay
Elektron Heat
A heap of great guitar FX pedals


Adam S2X
Dynaudio BM15A
Avantone Mix Cube


Lynx Aurora (n) 24 Channel
Lynx Hilo


A massive array of vintage and new Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Hofner guitars, basses, acoustics and 12 strings.
Roland Juno 6
Oberheim Xpander
1976 Moog Model D
Moog Voyager
Roland TR 909
Rhodes Suitcase
Access to a baby grand and an upright piano, Hammond L122 with Leslie
Vox AC15 Handwired
Fender Princeton Reverb
Marshall JMP 20 head
Markbass Head
Eden Amps Tour Head
1960’s Gretch kit and a massive array of other drums from


Furman Headphone system